Cross-city “Twinning” to Improve Employability Outcomes for INTI College Sabah Students.

30 August 2017

INTI College Sabah now offers an internal “twinning” option for final year students to transfer to sister campus INTI International College Subang. The cross-city collaboration aims to expand future employment opportunities for students by exposing them to a wider range of employers in the Klang Valley through INTI's integrated internship module.


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INTI Creates Unique Interactive Learning Environment with Smart Technologies Application Room

23 December 2013

Collaborative learning tools that enable students to connect and interact with their peers, instructors and employers across Malaysia and abroad are among the advanced technology made available to students of INTI College Sabah following the launch of the Smart Technologies Application Room (STAR) on campus.


INTI Shines with 6 Stars Rating in MyQuest2012/2013 Awards

17 December 2013

INTI International College Subang bagged two coveted awards in the cluster-based category for general programmes and services at the recent MyQuest 2012/2013 Awards ceremony which recognizes excellence amongst private colleges in Malaysia. With over 26 years of experience in delivery quality international education to young graduates, INTI International College Subang(IICS) adds another notch to its belt for outstanding performance as an education institution.


Gaining Knowledge and Know-how from the World’s Thought Leaders

9 December 2013

The opportunity to be part of a global event, such as the World Business Forum, is a privilege enjoyed by students of INTI. Whether they are physically present at such events or witnessing from the comfort of their campuses across Malaysia, INTI students are regularly exposed to some of the greatest minds and thought leaders in the world today.


INTI Provides New Specialisation in Innovative Mobile Application Development

2 December 2013

Domination of the computing landscape by mobile devices and a growing demand for expertise in mobile application development call for highly specialized and creative professionals to fulfill market needs. To prepare aspiring innovators for this fast moving sector, INTI International University is offering a new specialization in Mobile Application Development in its Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) degree, which incorporates international exposure, innovative learning and individual development.


International Exposure in Germany Brings New Dimension to Innovative and Individualised Learning for INTI Student

28 November 2013

As one of the world’s largest economies with a rich cultural and political history and a very high standard of living, Germany has always held special appeal for Sara Gan Jia Yi. The second year mass communication student at INTI International University recently seized the opportunity to extend her learning experience at the Business and Information Technology School (BiTS) in Iserlohn, Germany, made possible through INTI’s Semester Abroad Program (SAP).


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