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INTI Students Go the Distance to Make a Difference in Nepal.

7 February 2018

Trudging for forty minutes from a homestay in a rural village to a school, braving the cold weather and navigating their way through a community of mainly Nepali speakers was all part of an adventure for 16 young students from INTI International College Penang (INTI), who recently participated in an eight-day volunteer programme to Nepal.


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Mismatch of Expectations Between Employers and Students Pose a Big Challenge in Tight Market Conditions

16 December 2015

The stark and visible mismatch of expectations between employers and students who are gearing up for the employment market will face the ultimate litmus test during tougher economic times, when more stringent recruitment policies are in place.


INTI Partners with Industry to Shape Tomorrow's Game Changers

14 December 2015

Answering the call to industry’s expectations of local graduates, INTI recently hosted over 100 of its industry partners at its annual Industry Advisory Board meeting to network, engage and collaborate with these industry big guns who also contribute tremendously in INTI’s mission to reinvent education.


Harnessing technology's potential to innovate the future of learning

10 December 2015

Challenging the current status quo through innovative learning models, by providing students with greater access to education and championing the ‘next standard’ for education in Malaysia, INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) held its second annual Academic Conference, themed ‘Hybrid Blended Online: The Future is Now’.


Life-Changing Anchor Role for INTI Student at CGI Evokes Deeper Passion for Social Activism

8 December 2015

Travelling to New York for the first time to attend the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) was an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience for INTI student Nelson David Bassey. It also turned out to be a powerful life-changing experience for the third year Mechanical Engineering student who hails from Nigeria.


Economic pressures impacting access to higher education

16 November 2015

Increasingly concerned by the growing number of students who have had their education goals derailed due to the rising cost of living and the weaker Ringgit, INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) has developed an education stimulus plan aimed at assisting those affected by external financial pressures.


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