New South Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC)

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Our New South Wales Higher School Certificate (NSW HS) programme is internationally recognised as a valid Pre-university qualification. In this 11-month programme, you will be provided with a wide range of subjects available in Science and Commerce, that can be combined to from different streams for broader options. Upon completion, you will receive a Higher School Certificate issued by the Board of Studies of New South Wales.

Assessment & Examination Dates

  • Examinations are conducted in October/November.
  • The external assessment comprises 50% of the final marks, set and marked in Australia. The internal assessment accounts for the other 50% of the final marks and consists of assignments and projects set and marked by INTI International College Penang.
  • Assessment marks awarded by the College are moderated against the final examination marks. The average of these two marks determines eligibility for university entrance.
  • Entry into universities depends on the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). ATAR is a measure of the studentu2019s overall performance in comparison to all students taking the HSC. The maximum ATAR is 99.95, which is awarded to the top 0.05% of students.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this programme, you'll need to meet the basic entry requirements listed here.

Campuses, Accrediting Body & Fees

INTI International College Penang

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Accredited by

Malaysian Qualifications Agency

Intake Dates & Duration

  • INTI International College Penang
  • January

  • Full-time: 11 months


Keshri Veeranah

“I have a great educational experience here, where I get to learn about problem solving, decision making and being independent. My course enables me to interact with and learn from managers and CEOs from companies such as Dell, IBM and Google. Talking to them has helped me a lot, as they shared their experiences on how to achieve success.”

Saule Bakambekova

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