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Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons)

INTI International University: KPT/JPS(A7640)05/2017

Interested in DNA, stem cells, molecular science and the like? Discover how you can be part of the future of science with our Bachelor of Biotechnology programme.This programme exposes you to a variety of activities, from optimisation of processes (such as those involved in producing antibiotics, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and genetically engineered transgenic plants and animals) to carrying out gene therapy, improving water and land management, and remedying pollution. With well-equipped labs, you will have the opportunity to utilise our advanced equipment such as Real-Time PCR, HPLC, Bioreactor, Sonicator and Inverted Microscope. You may also transfer to partner universities in Australia or United Kingdom upon completing 1 or 2 years at INTI.

Career Opportunities

  • Science Officer, Science Researcher, Clinical & Regulatory Executive or Officer, Field Application Specialist, Technical Support Executive or Officer, Service Engineer, Quality Assurance Officer (Executive, Supervisor or Analyst), Quality Control Officer (Supervisor, Assistant or Analyst), Safety Specialist
  • Industries in the Public or Private Sector: Biotechnology, Food & Drink (Including Brewing), Health & Beauty Care, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies, Research Companies (Including companies conducting Clinical Trials), Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories, Analytical & Testing Laboratories, Environmental Pollution Control Companies, Hospitals, Patent Companies, Various Government Research Agencies & Facilities (Medicine, Farming & Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, etc), Forensic Services, Universities

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this programme, you'll need to meet the basic entry requirements listed here.

Campuses, Accrediting Body & Fees

INTI International University Nilai

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Accredited by

Malaysian Qualifications Agency

Intake Dates & Duration

  • INTI International University, Nilai
  • January
  • May
  • August

  • Full-time: 3 years (9 semesters)


Rina Oktavia

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