3+0 Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Wollongong, Australia

INTI International College Subang Digital System Security: KPT/JPS (MQA/FA0175)1/2016
Multimedia and Game Development: KPT/JPS(MQA/PA0501)07/2016
Software Engineering: KPT/JPS (MQA/FA0174)1/2016
Mobile Computing: KPT/JPS(N/481/6/0319)07/2018

Learn how you can contribute to today’s growing information economy with our Bachelor of Computer Science degree. In collaboration with the University of Wollongong, this programme is accredited by the Australian Computer Society and provides you with a solid foundation to design and write programmes for a multitude of computer applications such as computer systems, games design and more. Our programme includes computer science programming subjects as well as electives in database, languages, artificial intelligence, computer security, computer graphics, operating systems, real-time software and software engineering. This programme also allows you to specialise in enterprise systems development, multimedia, software engineering, and game development or digital systems security, as well as study other disciplines including management, visual arts, languages, commerce, and mathematics.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for this programme, you'll need to meet the basic entry requirements listed here.

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INTI International College Subang

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In collaboration with

University of Wollongong

Intake Dates & Duration

  • INTI International College Subang
  • February
  • July

  • Full-time: 3 years


“INTI IU has changed me in a lot of different ways. Since I joined, I have learnt and gained knowledge not only from books but from supportive peers and lecturers. I learnt how to manage my time and balance my studies with my extra-curricular activities, which gave me the ability to excel and achieve my full potential as a Civil Engineering Student. ”

Bahaa Ali Hussein

“Choosing INTI International University as my institute for higher studies has been my fi nest and most satisfying decision, and it has served me far beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build a bright future.”

Iftikhar Mohammad Khalid
Saudi Arabia

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