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Take your learning experience to a whole new level by studying with the INTI Edge. Going beyond paper qualification, our internationally recognised education will enrich you with the right skills and attributes to excel at whatever you do and wherever you go. At INTI, we have taken the lead to champion a whole new learning experience with an International, Innovative and Individualised kind of education.


INTI's world-class education prepares you for the challenges faced in the global market. Our collaboration with highly acclaimed universities around the world enables you to gain an added edge of qualification while expanding your global perspectives.

At INTI, we offer a well-rounded, international industry-driven curriculum through our collaboration with prestigious universities from United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Studying at INTI gives you the opportunity to:

Take part in our Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) and study abroad for a full semester at selected institutions while paying INTI tuition fees.*

Participate in cross cultural case discussions and learn about different cultures, gain new perspectives and be aware of global issues at large.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


Our innovative and collaborative approach engages you with an industry-learning curriculum and real world application. At INTI, we provide an education that enables you think critically, reason effectively and solve problems.

Benefit from a practical curriculum that is in touch with the latest industry trends, and be exposed to various projects, business leadership talks, internships and more. We also use interactive and collaborative platforms, including Blackboard and multimedia initiatives such as the World of Business Ideas.

At INTI, you will enjoy the following innovations:

Access to Blackboard, an online learning system that houses course materials, lecture notes, assignments, tutorials, and spaces to help you keep in touch with the academic community.

A structured internship programme that gives you first-hand experience in a work-and-learn environment with actual companies in various industries.

The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) that ensures you will always have the latest industry-relevant curriculum and helps you be career-ready.


Studying at INTI gives you an opportunity to develop and enhance your academic and personal development. We enable you to bring out your full potential and achieve your aspirations in a world of constant change.

We believe that every individual has a desire to succeed. At INTI, you will be exposed to insights from notable names and professionals through 3 distinct programmes that are designed to give you an added advantage. You will also benefit from individual talent development to attain academic and career goals with access to our self-discovery tools and confidence-building training.

To hone your individual skills at INTI, we provide:

Various career workshops and coaching sessions with a selection of reputable industry practitioners that will help you put your best foot forward in the career marketplace.

Our Business Leadership Series, where you will learn about effective leadership through talks by regional and international industry leaders.

Our Insights into Career Pathways Programme that helps you find out what career pathways are open to you and have a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Succeed Globally with the INTI Edge

We have worked hard to create opportunities for you to set yourself apart from the pack. With the INTI Edge, the 3 I's of Internationalisation, Innovation and Individualisation is designed to guide you on your journey towards success.

Therefore, studying a quality education at INTI is just a first step towards a great career. At INTI, you will be given assistance to do active career planning through our INTI Graduate Placement process where you will learn all about career plans, resumes, interview skills, and grooming.

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